Bringing Exuberance To Life

The Subtle Science and Exact Art of

There will be no foolish wand-waving or

silly incantations in this class



Science with a difference


Secret Science Agent UU7 goes undercover

for pure science intrigue and delight


Parties Schools Clubs Events





Basic Lesson Topics


Nitro Whoosh

Slimy Goo Concoction

Shocking Plasma

Light Wand Sensation

Spectral Spectacles

Bumbledore's Magic Exposed

Make A Snake

Fang Whitening Formula

Party Potion Recipes

Whirlwind Fire Illusion


Advanced Level Dry Ice


Large Jelly Cauldron Collider

Smoking Potion Drink

Screaming Spoons

Cold Bubble Chaos

Phlying Phials

Dry Ice Vapour Tasting

Glove Balloon Shape-Shifting

Fartescue's Ice Cream Manufacture

Mushroom Cloud Explosion




UVFX To Another Level




Compose your own curriculum

£299 - £899 all-inclusive


More Information

07870 221723




"I don't expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion-making. However, for those select few who possess the predisposition, I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death."







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The word exuberant

has been adopted by Graham Hidderley/Burgess