Bringing Exuberance To Life


I was walking along a side road to the famous K' Road in Auckland around 8pm heading back for dinner at 9. Passed a pub with tall windows all around two sides. Intrigued to see people arriving each clutching an instrument. Went in and ordered a pint while waiting to see what the crac was. Didn't leave till 1am. What an amazing experience. Taking turns each musician did their own choice of number. Sometimes they were left to solo. Other times some or all of the rest jammed in. And such a range of music too. Tunes I knew. Tunes I didn't. Songs someone had written and was airing for the first time. A bit of poetry. Folk. Bit of Classical. Acapella. All acoustic. A French girl, just visiting NZ, came in and sat at the bar. A guy who had just played a Tea Chest Bass asked her if she sang. Discovered she was a professional jazz singer in France. She was persuaded to take a turn and led every player through a very exciting jazz/rock number, encouraging some of the quieter ones to "balls it up, you guys". Awesome night. That's what I call a Thirsty Dog Night. Let's do it here. Wherever here is.

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The word exuberant

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